To Headwear Buyers Involved With The "Goldcoast" Brand:

You already may have received notice of the pending San Diego Superior Court lawsuit that Peter Grimm was forced to bring due to the misappropriation and misuse of "Goldcoast" name and trademark by Travis and Amy Petty, and their new company, Paradise Bay Trading Company.

The operative pleading in this lawsuit -- PGI's Cross-Complaint in Petty, et al. v. Peter Grimm/Peter Grimm v. Travis Petty, et al., Case No. Case No. 37-2012-00058782 -- can be accessed via the attached link: PGI Cross-Complaint.

As detailed in the Cross-Complaint, PGI bought all rights to the "Goldcoast" name from the Pettys in late 2010. But thereafter, many of our customers have complained about having been misled by the Pettys about their affiliation with Goldcoast or ability to deliver Goldcoast products. If the Pettys have made similar misrepresentations to you, or you otherwise have witness their improper actions, we would like to hear the details in connection with the prosecution of our lawsuit.

Any information you can provide can be sent directly to our attorney:

Neil Gieleghem, Esq.
Gieleghem Law Office
1875 Century Park East, Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Fax: (310) 284-3253

If you wish, you also can contact Peter Niedermeyer or Jason Phillipson directly c/o Goldcoast/Peter Grimm.

Despite any misinformation you may have received: The Goldcoast Sunwear brand has NO affiliation, partnership, or agreement with the Pettys or Paradise Bay Trading Company, to sell Goldcoast Sunwear product or represent Goldcoast in any way. Peter Grimm is the manufacturer and has sole rights to the Goldcoast Sunwear name. We intend to prove this in court, and will hold the Pettys responsible for any lies they have made to you.

In closing, we regret that the Pettys have created this situation. We also regret if, by their actions, the Pettys may have placed you at risk that any purported "Goldcoast" product you purchased from them is subject to confiscation under trademark and other applicable laws. If you have any concerns about dealing with the Pettys under such circumstances, you may wish to consult with an attorney knowledgeable about trademark infringement, copyright, and related issues.